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Online Class Declarations

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NOTE: If you have already declared your classes (online or in-person) use the modification form at the bottom of this page. Please DO NOT use the declaration form a second time. This will speed processing. Thank you!

You can safely submit your class declarations via email in just a few minutes. Remember, if you are a Post-9/11 (Chapter 33) recipient, you must declare as quickly as possible: you will be dropped from all of your courses for non-payment if Veteran Services doesn't flag your record within five days of your registration. The flagging procedure starts with your declaration.

Please follow these steps to declare your classes:

  1. Get a copy of your registration statement/schedule. You can only declare classes you are actually registered in: waitlisted courses cannot be declared.
  2. 8 Click on this link to open your Online Class Declaration Form in a new window. You may need to shrink the window so you can still see these directions while completing the form. Make sure the "highlight fields" button on the right side of the light purple banner at the top of the screen is clicked to color the form fields you need to complete.
  3. All of the areas you need to complete on the form are highlighted. If you "hover" your mouse over any of these fields you will see a description and explanation pop-up.
  4. 7 Fill out the form completely using the pop-ups and this graphic as aids.
  6. + Open your preferred email software and send an email to with the saved PDF file attached to your email. Please make the subject line read "Online Declaration" to speed processing.
  7. Close the browser window that has your form displayed.
  8. . You will receive email confirmation of receipt within 24 hours (not including weekends - we don't work on weekends or evenings).
That is it - it is that simple - your classes are declared!

Reporting Add/Drop Modifications:

Once you have declared your classes, either online or in person, you can modify your declaration (adding or dropping classes) using this form. Fill the form out and submit it in the same way as described above for initial declarations. NOTE: Veteran Services will NOT automatically declare any added classes for you - this form (or an in-person declaration) are required.