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Current Benefit Processing Status

Processing Status as of 0800: Friday 27 September 2013
Total veteran students declared for Fall 2013 term: 915
Total online declarations for Fall 2013 term: 72(8%)
Records remaining to be processed (all terms): 248
Percent Complete (Fall 2013): 72%
New students entered in Fall 2013: 187
Approximate date of declarations being currently worked: 21 August 2013

If your record hasn't been completely processed, most likely we are awaiting a new Student Education Plan (SEP) from you. Remember, just having a SEP made up is not enough - you need to DELIVER A COPY to us here at Veteran Services.

The many financial hardship cases are slowing our progress on the stack. Please be assured that we are working just as quickly as we can given our limited resources. We know this benefit is important to you, but we have a lengthy verification process that must occur before we can certify you for payment.

This chart should help you with your financial planning. It gives you an estimate of the benefit processing time for your class declaration. If you look on this webpage on the day you declare, you will find the number of records ahead of yours. By looking up that number on the chart below, you will get an estimate of the number of weeks it will take before your record will be processed by Veteran Services. Remember that after Veteran Services processes your claim, it is sent to the DVA for further processing which can take from two to eight weeks.

Processing Estimate Chart (2011)

For instance if you discover that there are 500 records ahead of you when you declare your classes, it will be approximately seven weeks before your record is processed by Veteran Services.