How Long Will Fall Processing Take? (25 July 2011)

We have already received over 700 declarations (and a hundred modifications to those 700 records) and the Fall term hasn't even started as yet. Given this number of declarations (approximately nine shelf feet of records), it will take us a while to process - especially now that every Chapter 33 recipient will try to take a full-time load to maximize their BAH payments.

At this point in time we are looking at 12 weeks to complete the records we already have.

Our Benefits Processing Status page will give you an idea of which day we are currently processing. We are now working the first few days of the pre-registration period - the date will move slowly as we have over 30% of our veterans declaring in that first week, 50% by the second.

We ask your patience while we do this processing. We know how important this benefit is to you, and we are working as quickly as we can. If you find yourself in dire financial hardship, you can come to our office to explain your situation and we will put your record on the fast-track for processing. Please realize that once we finish processing and report the results to the DVA, it will take their system 48-72 hours to update and they can take from two-to-six weeks to process you for payment.