NEW BAH Estimator in Time for Fall (27 June 2011)

UPDATE: NOW INCLUDES POST-9/11 BENEFIT LEVEL FUNCTIONALITY. Fall 2011 is the first term in which BAH entitlement will be prorated: you need to know how to estimate your benefits. We most strongly recommend that you use our non-traditional term calculator and BAH estimator to get a feeling for how this change in law will effect your pocketbook. Run your scheduled classes through the process BEFORE it is too late to sign up for sufficient classes to receive the maximum benefit.

We have extensively upgraded the Term Calculator & BAH Estimator page to help you understand this process. If you are using Internet Explorer, it may take a few seconds to load the page the first time you use it. Other browers shouldn't have a problem.

Where the old watchwords may have been "make sure you take over six units to get BAH," the new words of wisdom are "twelve or more and you will score!"