Short DVA Checks? (7 June 2011)
Many students have come in complaining about receiving "short" benefit checks last month. The DVA will only pay through the end of the Spring term until they process your Summer claim. At that time, if eligible, they will pay you for the break pay between terms (NOTE: that benefit goes away in August - see notes below and in the FAQ).

We have processed records more quickly this term than in any prior Chapter 33 session, despite facing a 70% increase in Summer students. We are only about 60% complete but working hard. Once we are finished, the DVA can take weeks to process the claims on their end.

As we have been warning you folks for the past few months: PREPARE FOR THE WINTER EARLY - SAVE YOUR MONEY NOW. BECAUSE OF THE LOSS OF BREAK PAY YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE PARTIAL BAH PAYMENTS FOR DECEMBER AND JANUARY ALONG WITH REDUCTIONS IN ANY OTHER MONTH WHERE YOU HAVE A BREAK FROM SCHOOL OF OVER THREE WORK DAYS. The DVA has asked us to make sure you understand the loss of income you will face. This is NOT an "SWC thing" but a change in law for all recipients of GI Bill benefits.