Summer Term Dates for Declarations (30 Apr 2011)
In order to enter your Summer classes on the digitial declaration form, you need to know their length. Please use the following chart to help you:

Term Starts Ends
9 Week 6 Jun 11 5 Aug 11
7 Week 20 Jun 11 5 Aug 11
5 Week 6 Jun 11 8 Jul 11

Priority registation starts on Monday morning, 2 May. You should register as soon as you can starting at your given registration time and date. While not as time-critical, you do need to declare your classes either digitally or in person as soon as you can after you register. Remember, you can only declare classes you are fully registered in: waitlisted classes cannot be declared. If you later add, drop, or move from a waitlist into the class, you need to declare that class to us, either using the digital modification form or coming by in person.

Best of luck in the Summer term!