There are two treatable causes for slow records processing - both of which are due to veteran students not doing what they agreed to do when they signed the student contract with Veteran Services. Please take a moment to ensure that you are not part of the problem - the records you delay are not just your own!

Problem #1: Missing/obsolete Student Education Plan (SEP). We need a copy of your most recent SEP in your file at Veteran Services as soon as possible - but in all cases not later than the end of your first term. We are seeing an increase in the number of veterans without current SEPs who are declaring benefits. If you don't have an accurate SEP on file with us, please schedule an appointment with the academic counselors, get one generated, and bring us a copy. Otherwise your record will be placed on "hold" awaiting one.

Problem #2: Neglecting to inform Veteran Services of added or dropped classes. We can't assume that you want benefits paid for classes you added but didn't declare - we have to stop processing to ask you if you want benefits for the added class. Dropped classes must be reported immediately to avoid DVA overpayment actions toward both you AND the school. Time spent working on the increasing number of overpayment cases is time that can't be spent processing records for payment. You can report these changes in person, by phone, or emailing the modification form on our Class Declaration page of this website.

Thank you for your attention in the matter: we know you want to be paid quickly and we want you to be! - but we need your help to speed the process as much as we can. If you already do these things - thank you - now tell your peers how important it is!