Break Pay Issues
We have received a number of emails during the winter break regarding missing break pay for some continuing Post-9/11 veterans who declared their Spring classes. Until Veteran Services completes its processing of your record and submits a 1999 to the DVA on you for Spring, the DVA won't pay break pay or anything for your Spring classes. If you call the DVA they will say they have no record of your Spring classes. However, once you are processed, you will be paid for the break pay and your regular BAH/stipend.

We are well aware of how important this is to you and we are working to process your records as quickly as we can given our limited resources. Over 30% of the files submitted were completed before we were forced to close for the holidays. If you declared after the 8th of November, we most likely haven't gotten to your record as yet as we were just finishing that date when we closed.

Please note: if you declared late (say after the Thanksgiving Holiday) we may not be able to get to your record until after the end of the month, this may delay your January payment until February. Please plan accordingly. We will email you when your 1999 has been sent to the DVA, meanwhile please watch our daily update of the benefits processing status on this website.