What is "break pay" and when is it paid? (UPDATED 1/13/2011)
This is an automatic payment made by the DVA for breaks between terms. Break pay is based on the rate paid at the end of the term prior to the break. Break pay will NOT be paid if any of these conditions apply:
  1. The break is more than eight weeks long,
  2. The ending term is shorter than the break,
  3. Attendance was less than half-time in the ending term (or if the student withdrew from all classes in that term),
  4. If entitlement to Chapter 30 (MGIB) or 33 (Post-9/11) will exhaust during the break,
  5. If the student requests not to be paid for the break, or
  6. If the student is on active duty.
Break pay will not be paid during a summer term if the break between summer classes is more than 30 days. There are additional restrictions if you transfer to another school during the break.

Effective 1 AUG 2011: BREAK PAY IS NO LONGER AUTHORIZED. This means that BAH payments will not be paid between terms. Most critically: BAH stops at the end of term in mid-December and will not resume until the start of the Spring term in mid-January. You will need to save up money to make it through the holidays. (Note: this change applies to ALL DVA educational benefit programs.)