Why do I have to declare my classes each term and why do I have to tell you about my adds and drops?
The various GI Bill programs are all elective benefits, meaning that you have to ask for them, they are not automatic. Veteran Services cannot determine by itself if you wish to receive benefits or not. You have to make an affirmation that you wish your benefits to be expended. Some veteran students who plan on taking advanced degrees may choose to not use benefits for relatively inexpensive community college classes, saving those benefits for a time when class tuition and fees are much higher at a university. By declaring classes you are positively stating to us that you wish to "spend" your benefits with us.

Quickly declaring classes with us at Veteran Services is especially important for Chapter 33 (Post-9/11) and Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation) students. The SWC registration system allows all students a five-day grace period after WebAdvisor registration to pay for their classes without being dropped from those classes for non-payment. Chapter 33 and 31 students get their tuition paid as part of their benefits but because of the typical processing delay, their payments won't be received in time to prevent them from erroneously being dropped for non-payment. THE SOLUTION: Chapter 33 and 31 students must declare their classes (in-person or online) with Veteran Services as soon as possible, but always before the five-day grace period expires. Veteran Services will "flag" their records, preventing any erroneous drops for non-payment.

Students under other benefit programs would also benefit from rapid declaration - it allows us at Veteran Services to start the processing of your record: the first step toward getting that benefit check! Remember, if you are under any DVA benefit other than Chapters 31 and 33, you will have to pay for your own tuition, out of pocket.

Adds and drops affect the amount of your benefits. We need to find out about these immediately so that we can adjust your account with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Otherwise you may become deeply indebted to the government or you may not receive your needed benefits in a timely manner. SWC does have systems in place to "catch" such changes, but they do take longer than if you simply let us know when you make those changes.