What documents should I bring to Veteran Services in order to start processing?
Gathering all of these documents prior to your visit to Veteran Services will dramatically speed up your processing.
  1. You need to bring us a copy of your VONAPP (Veteran Online Application) for benefits if you just started the process. If you already have your Certificate of Eligibility letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), bring that in instead.
  2. The Member Copy 4 (the long version with the character of service on the bottom) of the DD214.
  3. Copies of your military transcripts (SMART, AARTS, CCAF, DD 295): summaries are preferred.
  4. You need to have registered online (CCCApply) for SWC and have an SWC student ID. (Note: if you are a former SWC student who has not attended during the last full term, you will need to re-register to re-open your account.)
  5. Bring a voided check from the account where wish your benefits to be deposited.
  6. Sign the Veteran Services Student Contract.
  7. Have your Social Security Number (SSN), a physical address, an email address that you check regularly, and a valid phone number. Ensure that emails from anyone "@swccd.edu" are not blocked. Email is our primary means of contacting you with concerns about your benefits.
  8. Have some idea of your educational goal/major. BEST CASE SCENARIO: you already have a Student Education Plan (SEP) from Academic Counseling and provide veteran services with a copy. Bringing this in after declaring classes is helpful but still slower than having it initially.
  9. Once you have registered, either go to Veteran Services in person or use the online declaration option on this site to declare your classes. This final step is what will actually start your benefit processing for the term.
  10. Note: If you are a Chapter 35 (Survivors' and Dependents' Assistance) recipient, you must also bring us the DVA file number for your case with suffix.
Always bring us any correspondence you receive from the DVA.