Will the DVA pay for my prerequisite courses?
Yes, in general, prerequisite courses are eligible for payment. If there is a listed prerequisite course in the catalog, it is eligible for payment without much difficulty.

There are a couple of warnings however for remedial prerequisite courses (courses you need to take before you can take the actual prerequisite course itself). If you are taking a remedial math or English course (normally below 100 course numbers for math and at or below 114 for English), you need to take an assessment exam first to determine your level of need. We can get you paid for all courses at your current level and above, but not for classes below the level you tested at. You can schedule these exams through the Assessments Office in the Cesar Chavez Building.

The second warning is that at this point in time the DVA will not pay for remedial courses taken online. You would need to take on-ground versions to get payment.