Why is the Student Education Plan (SEP) so important?
The SEP provides you with a road map of required courses for your degree. This includes any prerequisites and remedial courses that you may need. Simply having such a document increases your likelihood of successfully completing your educational goals. But more importantly, at least from a benefits perspective, the SEP allows the certifying officials at Veteran Services to quickly assess which classes are eligible for GI Bill benefits.

Only those courses that are required for your degree are eligible for payment. Elective courses are generally not eligible for benefit payment and they do not count toward the minimum credits necessary for Chapter 33 BAH. You are responsible for all tuition and fees for these non-approved courses. Without the SEP, each class for each veteran must be compared to the stated degree program in the relevant year's catalog to determine if it is required - for each term! This is a very time-consuming process which slows down processing for all veterans.