Where does my Post-9/11 GI Bill money go for books, supplies, tuition, and fees? And what does that percentage on my Certificate of Eligibility letter mean?
A direct deposit by the DVA will be made in your personal bank account for your book and supply stipend - the amount varies depending on the course load you are carrying until you hit the annual maximum benefit of $1000. The DVA pays the school directly for tuition and fees. If you have paid for some of the fees the DVA will pay for, or if you are receiving any fee waivers, you will be sent a refund check from the school.

The DVA will not pay for all of your fees. Parking fees, student activity card fees, and course fees for non-approved courses are your responsibility. Additionally, if on the DVA "Certificate of Eligibility" letter you were informed that you were entitled to benefits at less than the 100% rate, you are responsible for the difference. If you took a three-credit course at $26/credit (tuition = $78) and you have been rated at 80% benefit entitlement by the DVA, the DVA will send SWC 80% of your tuition ($78 * .80 = $62.40) and you will owe SWC the remaining 20% of your tuition ($78 - $62.40 = $15.60). This percentage of payment also applies to all approved fees.