What load do I need to take in order to receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) under Chapter 33, the Post-9/11 GI Bill? UPDATED 1/13/2011
For traditional (full) terms, you must attend college at over the half-time load. At SWC, this means you have to take more than six APPROVED credit hours of class during the term. Since we have few half-credit courses, this effectively means that you have to take seven credits worth of classes that directly lead to your degree in order to get BAH benefits. So long as you maintain over a half-time course load of approved courses, you will receive the benefit, however, if you drop a class and fall to half-time or below, your benefit will stop effective on the class drop date.

Non-traditional (fast-track) terms use a slightly different method of accounting for credits. However, if you maintain the seven credits through a fast-track, you will also be assured of getting BAH. Because of the nature of non-traditional terms, you may be eligible for payment with fewer units, but it is safer to simply use seven-credit the rule of thumb. It is the DVA's responsibility to determine the minimum number of non-traditional courses necessary to gain benefits.

Effective 1 OCT 2011: BAH WILL BE PRORATED. This means that if you are only attending school half-time (over six units) you will only receive HALF of the BAH (rounded up to the nearest 10th, so three-quarter time (75%) will receive 80% of BAH). You will have to attend classes at a full load (12 units or more for Fall and Spring, 6 units for Summer) in order to receive the full BAH payment.