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Calculators and Estimators

The tools on this page only provide estimates of values that are officially calculated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). We offer these tools for your planning purposes only. Questions regarding actual payments must be directed to the DVA.

Effective 1 August 2011, the DVA is making significant changes in the way they pay benefits, especially Chapter 33, Post-9/11 GI Bill. Starting on this date, BAH payment will be prorated based on the daily class load being carried. This means that any course that is not a full-term length (such as Fast Track, Special, or Summer courses) must be converted to full-term equivalency and then added to any full-term classes on a day-by-day basis to determine class load for a given period of time. This modified class load will determine how much BAH you will receive each month during that period.

Non-Traditional Term Equivalency Calculator

This calculator will convert non-traditional terms like Summer classes and Fast-Track offerings into the traditional term values used to determine DVA benefit eligibility and level. This equivalency calculator must be used for each non-traditional term taken during a full term.

Enter the number of units you are taking for this term:
Enter the term's starting date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Enter the term's ending date (MM/DD/YYYY):

BAH Proration Estimator

This estimator calculates the percentage of BAH that will be paid based on the course load and your benefit level. You must be attending school more than half-time (over six units) in order to receive BAH under Chapter 33. You will only receive a percentage of BAH (rounded up to the nearest 10th, so three-quarter time (75%) will receive 80% of BAH) unless you take a full-time load (12 units or more for Fall and Spring, 6 units for Summer).

Enter the number of regular term units (or overlapping regular and calculated equivalents) for the period in question.
% Enter the level of Post-9/11 benefits the DVA says you are entitled to based on your service. This percentage (between 30-100%) appears on your Certificate of Eligibility letter from the DVA. If you don't know what your percentage is, enter 100 to see the maximum possible benefit - enter as a whole number only.
I certify that I am taking at least one on-ground course during this period. (This affects your possible BAH rate.)