Broadcast Email Sent 1 May 2011


SWC Veteran Services: Summer Priority Registration Begins on Monday


Folks, things will get hectic starting tomorrow.  We already have an increase of over 60% in summer students (not just veterans – ALL students) due to the limited offerings in other community colleges throughout the San Diego area.  Classes will be tight and waitlists will be long.  If you have a priority registration date and time, use it!  Sign on as soon as you can and register for your classes.  STICK TO YOUR CLASSES – if you drop a class, you may not be able to find another one to get into.  Be kind to your fellow students and don’t abuse the priority registrations: sign up only for what you plan to take and take what you sign up for.  Classes dropped long after the start dates just harms everyone.


A few notes and suggestions to make this summer term go smoothly:


1. Non-Traditional Term.  The DVA calculates credits in non-traditional terms like summer and fast-tracks differently.  Use our new calculator on the Veteran Welcome Center site ( to see what the equivalent credits are.  Read the notes below the calculator to see how the various summer class lengths can affect you and your pay.


2.  Online Declarations.  Once again, you can declare your classes to Veteran Services without standing in line.  We have updated the declaration form to include the summer class lengths.  Use the digital forms on the website.  Fill the declaration form out, SAVE IT TO YOUR DESKTOP, then email it to as an attachment.  Make sure you are attaching your SAVED file.  We will acknowledge successful receipt within 24 working hours.  We put up a warning note on the site because Adobe Reader X seems a little spotty on Internet Explorer – but try it first.  If you don’t know the class length in weeks, use the chart on the main page of the website.


3. BIG Post-9/11 Changes around the Corner. There are many major changes to the Post-9/11 (Chapter 33) benefits that will take place at the end of summer – most of the changes will occur on 1 August.  These changes will impact your pocketbook directly: no more break pay, prorated BAH, and no out-of-state tuition will be paid.  Please read our Veteran News Updates on the site and review our FAQs – we have been sharing this information for months: it should not be a surprise.


4. Processing Times.  Because of the anticipated influx of guest students, new veteran students, and the overall increase in veteran students on campus, processing all the records presented will take time.  Use the chart on the bottom of the daily benefit processing status page on the day after you declare to get an estimate of the processing time for your claim.  Having an updated SEP and all required documents in place at the time of declaration and taking only those classes on your SEP (or parent letter for guest students) is the best means of speeding this processing.


Best of luck in the coming term and please visit our website for further updates and helpful information.

-Veteran Services