Steps to Transfer Quiz/Evaluation







1. What is a "SEP?" a. Student Educational Plan
b. Student Elimination Problems
c. Student Educational Progress
d. Student Eating Pizza
2. How many transferable units (minimum number) do you need to transfer to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC)? a. 80
b. 15
c. 24
d. 60
3. Name two transfer General Education Plans. a. IGETC and Plan A
b. IGETC and CSU General Education Breath
c. Plan A and Plan B
d. Pink Sheet and Yellow Sheet
4. What programs can you work on while attending SWC? a. Associates Degree
b. Vocational Certificate
c. Transfer Preparation
d. All of the Above
5. What is TAG?. a. Transfer Administration Group
b. Transfer Admission Guarantee
c. Transfer Acceptance Guidelines
d. Transfer Advice Guide
6. What is the website to find out what SWC courses are transferable to UC and CSU? a.
7. When do you apply to transfer to a CSU for fall? a. 1 year prior to transferring; in October and November
b. 2 years prior to transferring; in October
c. 1 year prior to transferring; in December
d. 1 year prior to transferring; in November
8. The Transfer Center College/University Fair is in which month? a. October
b. February
c. November
d. May
9. Colleges and Universities consist of? a. Historically black College and Universities
b. Military
c. Private and religious affiliated universities
d. All of the above
10. Why is it important to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA? a. Your admission to a university and scholarship awards are contingent upon having a high GPA (3.0 or >)
b. Because your parents will be proud of you
c. You will receive more Pell Grant
d. You will look cool to your friends
11. What should be part of your primary criteria in selecting a transfer university?

a. Major
b. Location
c. Campus life
d. Cost
e. All the above

12. Will the information presented at this workshop better prepare you to transfer successfully?

a. Yes
b. Maybe
c. No

13. How appropriate/useable was the content/material?

a. Excellent
b. Good
c. Average
d. Poor

14. Comments/Suggestions: