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Educational Incentive (EI)


Educational Incentive Credit

The purpose of this program shall be to enhance the standards of service of the Classified Staff; to extend and constantly improve the standards of on-the-job performance of each classified employee; and to encourage the employee to improve his/her relationships with students, instructors, other employees and the public. This Educational Incentive Program is not intended to restrict in any way the training and self-improvement efforts a classified employee may undertake on his/her own initiative.  However, such training shall be considered applicable to the Educational Incentive Program only if it meets the standards as set forth in the program (please read CSEA Contract, Article XVII, pgs. 40-41).

To receive credit for participation in an educational activity, the participants must receive prior approval from his/her immediate supervisor and the area Vice President. Employees must apply for approval of course work or activity a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the start of the course or activity. Applications for workshops, seminars, etc. must include a printed description of the activity and include the number of scheduled days and/or hours. The application is available in the Human Resources office and in the Staff Development Program office.

Credit under the Educational Incentive Program shall be granted only for course work, seminars, conferences, and workshops will be deemed related to the employee’s current work assignment or job family falling under the following criteria:

Allows employee to gain new skills to broaden knowledge in his/her current job and broaden the opportunity for promotion within the presently assigned job family.

The following course areas are considered related to all classified work assignments:

- Communication Skills (i.e. Speech, Writing, English, and other related skills)

- First Aid Courses Spanish or any other foreign language appropriate to the work area

- Health 101

- Courses designed to develop inter-personal relationship skills selected from such disciplines as Management, Supervision, Psychology, Sociology, etc.

- Health & Physical Fitness course work will be limited to three (3) units (Only 3 units out of the 36 will be allowed under P.E.)

- Any District sponsored Staff Development workshop or activity will qualify for this program as long as it is on the employee’s own time

- Effective January 2, 2002, Classified Bargaining Unit Employees may submit coursework applicable towards a degree at the time of their third one-range increase.  Degree courses are defined by the State of California and WASC Accreditation and can be used for the associate degree requirements.


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