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 Reg. #  Class  Day  Date(s)  Time  Location  Facilitator  Register
9150 Constituent Group Meeting: Classified F 1/16/15 8:00am-8:30am Cafeteria West CSEA Add
9151 Constituent Group Meeting: Confidentials F 1/16/15 8:00am-8:30am L246 Confidentials Add
9152 Constituent Group Meeting: Faculty F 1/16/15 8:00am-8:30am Cafeteria East SCEA/AS Add
9153 Constituent Group Meeting: Administrators F 1/16/15 8:00am-8:30am L238 N/S SCCDAA Add
9154 Opening Session/Keynote Speaker F 1/16/15 8:40am-10:30am Gymnasium Dr.Nish/ Dr.DuncanAndrade Add
9156 Breakout Session: Applying Dr. Duncan-Andrade's Message F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA Dr.DuncanAndrade/ N.Maddox/ D.Ramirez Add
9157 Breakout Session: Student Success and Equity F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA Dr.Suarez/ Dr.GarciaNavarrete Add
9158 Breakout Session: SWCBloggers F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA E.Hedrick/ H.Aronson Add
9159 Breakout Session: Tips for Getting a Faculty Full-time Job at a College F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA P.FloresCharter/ Dr.Nish/ M.Castillo Add
9160 Breakout Session: Team Building F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA VEBA Add
9161 Breakout Session: Creating a Healthy Working Environment F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA VEBA Add
9162 Breakout Session: Meditation for Centering and Grounding F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA Z.Barrera Add
9163 Breakout Session: Connect our Students with Resources to Ensure their Success F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA L.Leopold/ M.McClellan Add
9164 Breakout Session: Coping with the Stress of Change F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA Dr.Amaral/ D.EdwardsLiPera Add
9165 Breakout Session: The Life and Times of the Adult Brain in Community College F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA M.Appel Add
9166 Breakout Session: Making SLO Assessment Meaningful F 1/16/15 10:40am-11:30am TBA R.Beach Add
9167 Center/School/Office Meetings F 1/16/15 11:40am-12:30pm See Agenda Deans Add
9168 BBQ Lunch ~ Opening Day, Spring 2015 F 1/16/15 12:40pm-1:30pm Cafeteria Patio Administrators Add
9097 OLA: HR Series: SWC's Human Resources Services W 1/28/15 4:00pm-5:00pm 214 M.Castillo Add

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