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Scripps interns: Maria Gonzales and Shanelle Luttrell

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) is a method of instruction that combines work experience with a student’s major. Students enroll in CWEE earn units by working or volunteering in a position directly related to their major.

College credit earned is determined by the total number of work hours performed at the work site and weekly class meeting. Students may earn up to four units a semester with a maximum of 16 units while attending Southwestern College. The following scale is used to determine unit levels.

Paid Hours
Volunteer Hours
Units Earned

To qualify for this program:
Students attend a required weekly CWEE class lecture. Student’s Employment/Volunteer position must relate to the student’s major field of study.

Here's how it works:
CWEE Classes have a "290" designation and are listed in the class schedules under Cooperative Work Experience. Students enroll during regular registration periods. Students develop job-related objectives with their college instructor and/or job supervisor. Placement assistance is provided by the Student Employment Services Office. View the CWEE Powerpoint presentation.

Available Forms:
Student Semester Guidelines; Sample Learning Objectives; Practice Learning Objectives Sheet

For more information:
Call Dawn Taft at (619) 482-6537 or visit us at Student Employment Services in Bldg. 1400.

...Martha Tapia, Medical Billing intern (Left)     ...Karen Brown, Medical Coding intern (Left)

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