About the RTI

The Research and Training Institute (RTI) was established by Southwestern Community College (SWC) District and the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering (MSE) on October 11, 2006.


To provide students and faculty from SWC and other institutions opportunities and financial support to expand their knowledge and experience of mathematics, science, and engineering through education, research, training, and the provision of contracted services in areas related to mathematics, science, and engineering.

Organizational Structure

Includes the RTI Director, an Oversight Committee, and full-time and adjunct faculty members.

The RTI Director is the Dean of the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering, Kathy Tyner. The Oversight Committee is composed of the RTI Director, and all MSE full-time faculty who desire to participate for a three-year term.

Employees of SWC who desire to contribute their skills, education, and training are welcome as general members of the RTI.

Financial Support

Will be obtained solely from external sources, including donations and grants, which will be placed in a restricted fund designated for the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering - Research and Training Institute.

The management of the restricted fund will be carried out by the Dean in collaboration with the Oversight Committee. Within the restricted fund, separate accounts will be set up under the management of those faculty member(s) who serve as principal investigators and/or oversee specific funded projects.

Separate accounts will be set up to fund student internships, student scholarships, faculty research, faculty training, etc.

Two signatures will be required on all distributions of funds, one of which will be the Dean.

The RTI may be dissolved by the SWC Governing Board. Any funds remaining at this time will be returned to the funding source(s) in accordance with instructions developed by the Oversight Committee and approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Charter Faculty Members