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The following information is from Photoflex.com.  Photoflex is the manufacture of all the components associated with the LiteDome Kit (small softbox, Shoe Mount MulitCamp, Shoe Mount Flash, Basic Connector, and Stand.


This kit allows you to setup a small portable flash on a stand with a softbox.  It is good for any lighting scenario where you need diffused flash in a small space.


Assembly Instructions

Click here to see how to setup all components from the Photoflex website.

Setup Method #1 (Truitt’s preferred method when using a Pocket Wizard)

The LiteDome Kit is shown here with the attachment between the first hotshoe

holder and the stand.  I find this to be more stable.  The LiteDome is less prone

to move from side to side.  In this particular setup, you see the second hotshoe

as empty.  This unit can trigger the flash with a second flash (on camera flash)

or it can be linked to a Pocket Wizard device as shown here.  We are using

a Pocket Wizard to Vivitar cord in this configuration.  It uses less equipment.

Also the Pocket Wizard unit on the stand has a mounting bracket.  Notice

That the Pocket Wizard strap works as a backup to keep the Pocket Wizard

from falling down.

Setup Method #2 (For use with a light sensitive slave unit)

Photoflex LiteDome Kit