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The following tutorials involve the basics of using the Mac OSX Lion operating system.

Using the 570 Building Server

Server Tutorials by Micajah Truitt

For Students:

How to long onto the 570 building server and access student class folders:

1.  Finder, Connect To Server (Command K).

  1. 2. Pick the server named Caponigro.

  1. 3. Use the username for the class.  Use the password given to you by your instructor.

  1. 5. Pick the class folder.  This is where students can store their files, and you can share files with students.

  1. 6. Once logged in, you will see your instructor’s name and Photo Resource.  Click on your instructor’s name.

You will see every student’s folder, the “drop_box” folder, and any other folders the instructor has created. 

You can only click on and open your student folder and the folders created by the instructor.  For example, the student “tru031” logged in.  Only that student folder is accessible.  All the other student folders have a “minus sign” indicating they can’t be opened.

You can drop files into the “drop_box” folder.  However, you cannot see the files after this done.  If you did not get an error message, that means the file copied into the “drop_box” folder just fine.  You cannot change or delete files in the “drop_box” folder.

7.Students need to eject from the server at the end of class, and after they are done using the server in general.  They can drag the icons to the trash or do it from the finder menu.

Printable Handout (PDF)OSX_Lion_Server_On_Campus_files/Server%20info%20for%20students_sum2013.pdf