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You will need an FTP software application in order to login to the server from off-campus.  CyberDuck is free and available for both Mac & Windows.  Fetch is available for Mac.

FTP Access To Server From Off Campus

Server Tutorials by Micajah Truitt

Using Fetch FTP Software:

(CyberDuck is shown below.)

How to log on to the server from off-campus:

1.You need an FTP program such as Fetch or Cyberduck (free).

  1. 2.Connect to the server using FTP.  Here is an example using the Fetch software:

Make sure you use the correct hostname:

  1. Use the username and password given to you by your instructor.

3.From off-campus using FTP, things look a little different than when you are on campus.  You will see this

This shows every class folder.  However, you can only click on the class that corresponds to the username and password you used.  All the other folders will deny you access.  For example, if you were in Yaussy’s class, you would click on the folder named Yaussy.

Students enrolled in John Pickelle’s or Micajah Truitt’s classes will need to click on the number of the class.   For example, if you are in Truitt’s 121 class, you would click on 121-01.

  1. 4.Then it will look similar to the way it does on campus.

You will see every student’s folder, the “drop_box” folder, and any other folders the instructor has created. 

You can only click on and open your student folder and the folders created by the instructor.  For example, the student “tru001” logged in.  Only that student folder is accessible.  All the other student folders can’t be opened.

You can drop files into the “drop_box” folder.  However, you cannot see the files after this done.  If you did not get an error message, that means the file copied into the “drop_box” folder just fine.  You cannot change or delete files in the “drop_box” folder.

5.  Remember to log off and quit your FTP program when finished using the server

Using CyberDuck FTP Software:

  1. 1.Click on the icon for the program in order to launch the program.

  2. 2.Open Connection.

  1. 3.Next, you will see a login window like the one on the right. 

  2. 4.See the following settings:


    Username:  (ask your instructor)

    Password:   (ask your instructor)

  1. 5.Click on Connect.

Just like when using Fetch, you will see the entire list of class folders. 

Select the appropriate folder.  You do not have access to the other class folders.