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Photography Supplies

San Diego County

1.Nelson Photo (Little Italy)

hone: 234-6621                                                

1901 India Street     


*offers student discount

2. George’s (North Park)

3837 30th Street (30th and University)

Phone: 297-3544


*offers student discount on equipment

3. Professional Photo Repair

7852 Raytheon Rd.

San Diego, CA  92111


Los Angeles/Phone Orders

1.Calumet Photographic

805 N. Highland Dr.

Phone: (213) 466-1238

2. Freestyle Photographic Supplies

5124 Sunset Blvd.

           Hollywood, CA 90027

Phone: 1-800-292-6137


Art Supplies

1.Blick Art Supplies

1844 India Street

San Diego, CA 92101

Camera Repair Shops

1.     Kurt’s Camera Repair

     7811 – P Mission Gorge Rd.

     San Diego, CA  92120


Film Processing (color film)

  1. 1.Chrome

           2345 Kettner Blvd., San Diego



           Open Sat, 9:00-3:00

2. Nelson’s Photo (listed above)


*  Some students have had problems with underdeveloped negatives from Costco

*  Important –different film development methods, for color class, specify that you want negatives for traditional photo process.

***Be careful about Photo stores that say they can make prints in 30 minutes or less.  They are probably using a procedure that underdevelops the negatives and automatically corrects them and prints them digitally.  This leaves you with bad negatives for printing in the darkroom. 

Large Printing (digital)

1.  Giant Photo

3617 India Street



Digital Supplies

1.Digital Arts SupplyInk Jet Papers


      ***Best Place to buy quality ink jet paper in San Diego County

2.StaplesCDRW, CD, some ink jet papers

3.Best BuyCDRW, CD, some ink jet papers

4.Wal-MartCDRW, CD, some ink jet papers

***Do not buy Prisim brand CD’s from the bookstore.  They don’t work well.  Other name brand CD’s should be fine.  I recommend Verbatim CDRW’s.  There is a difference in the quality of CD’s. 

Southwestern College Websitehttp://www.swccd.edu

Local Vendors For Photo & Digital Supplies

Paper, Film, New & Used Equipment

Presentation Materials (mounting & matting supplies)

Paper, Film, New & Used Equipment

Equipment Rentals

Presentation Materials (mounting & matting supplies)

Camera Repair, New & Used Equipment

5% discount and free shipping for students

2-3 days for delivery

*carries Fuji color paper

*carries Arista products

Presentation Materials (mounting & matting supplies)

10% off color negative processing 

10% off slide processing              

SWC Photo & Digital