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File Management & Digital Workflow

Before You Begin:

  1. Creating Camera Profiles (from Color Checker Passport with Lightroom 4

  2. More on shooting for custom profiles with Color Checker Passport

  3. Lightroom 4 Preferences

Lightroom Introduction:

  1. An Overview of what Lightroom 4.0 can do. (coming soon)

Working With Catalogs:

  1. Catalog Basics.  Includes:

  2. Creating a new catalog.  (.lrcat file)

  3. Background and understanding of how catalogs work in Lightroom 4.

  4. File location:  finding catalogs and contents including default locations and creating your own folders for catalogs.

  5. Parts of a catalog:  Preview information, Lightroom settings, Image Files, Catalog Databse

  6. Opening the catalog on different computers.

  7. Catalog Settings:  General, File Handling, Metadata, Backup

  8. Optimizing Catalogs:  Improves computer performance. (coming soon)

  9. Export Catalog (coming soon)

  10. Import Catalog (coming soon)

The Lightroom Interface:

  1. Full Screen Viewing Mode Options

  2. Overview of Modules

  3. Overview of Panels (visibility of left and right panel)

  4. Left Panel Features

  5. Solo Mode Feature In Panels

  6. Film Strip (visibility)

  7. Navigator And Zoom Features

  8. Thumbnail info & Visibility

  9. Library Module:  Grid And Loupe Modes

  10. Library Module:  Grid Mode and working with thumbnails

  11. Working With Keyboard Shortcuts

Importing Images:

  1. Importing images from memory card.

  2. Includes:  File Renaming, Keywords, Destination 

  3. Importing images from computer desktop.

  4. Applying Develop Settings during import. (coming soon)

Library Module:  Organizing, Sorting, and Rating Files

  1. LM:  Comparing Two Images - Movie 1

  2. Includes:  Star Ratings and Film Strip

  3. LM:  Comparing Multiple Images - Movie 2

  4. Includes: Star Ratings and Film Strip

  5. LM:  Survey Feature

  6. LM:  Organizing Image using Stacks (coming soon)

  7. LM:  Organizing Images using Flags & Color Labels (coming soon)

  8. LM:  Using Filters (coming soon)

  9. LM:  Creating Virtual Copies (coming soon)

  10. LM:  Creating A Collection (coming soon)

Develop Module:  Image Editing (Basic, Tone, HSL, Detail, Effects)

  1. DM:  White Balance Correction - Movie 1:  Color Correction Car or White Balance Card

  2. Includes:  Applying custom profiles, Creating presets to combine custom profiles and custom white balance, and the White Balance Selector Tool.

  3. DM:  White Balance Correction - Movie 2:  Neutral Background In Image

  4. Includes:  White Balance Selector Tool (Eyedropper)

  5. DM:  White Balance Correction - Movie 3:  Basic Correction

  6. Includes:  Automatic Settings, Temp Adjustment Slider, Tint Adjustment Slider, Snapshots

  7. DM:  Understanding The Histogram

  8. DM:  Basic Panel - Tonal Adjustments

  9. DM:  Basic Panel - Syncing Adjustments (works with all Develop Module Adjustments)

  10. DM:  Basic Panel - Clarity, Vibrance, & Saturation - Overview

  11. DM:  Basic Panel - Clarity, Vibrance, & Saturation - Image Example

  12. DM:  Basic Panel - Creative use of Basic Panel features.

  13. DM:  Tone Panel - Overview on Tone, Curves, and Contrast

  14. DM:  Tone Panel - Image Example

  15. DM:  Tone Panel - Creative use of contrast.

  16. DM:  Color & HSL Panel - Overview - Movie 1:  HSL Controls

  17. DM:  Color & HSL Panel - Overview - Movie 2:  Color Controls

  18. DM:  Color & HSL Panel - Image Example

  19. DM:  Color & HSL Panel - Creative use of HSL & Color Sliders.

  20. DM:  Color & HSL Panel - Grayscale Conversion From a RGB (Color) Image.

  21. DM:  Detail Panel - Sharpening

  22. DM:  Detail Panel - Noise Reduction

  23. DM:  Effects Panel - Vignette

Develop Module:  Tools (Crop, Spot Removal, Adjustment Brush, Graduated Filter)

  1. DM:  Crop Tool

  2. DM:  Spot Removal Tool

  3. Includes:  Basic Retouching in Lightroom

  4. DM:  Adjustment Brush (coming soon)

  5. DM:  Graduated Filter (coming soon)

Tutorial Videos (videos are in .mov format for quicktime)                                                   

Lightroom 4 Tutorials by Micajah Truitt

The following tutorials will guide you through basic digital workflow using Adobe Lightroom 4.