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File Management & Digital Workflow

Before You Begin:

Using Camera Profiles (from Color Checker Passport or Adobe Software)

Lightroom Introduction:

  1. 1.An Overview of what Lightroom 3.0 can do.

Setting Up The Catalog:

  1. 2.Creating a new catalog, and file management considerations.

  2. 3.Lightroom preferences and catalog settings.

Working in Lightroom:

  1. 4.Importing images

  2. 5.Creating a Development Settings Preset & using SYNC to apply Development Settings to multiple images.

  3. Includes Camera Calibration Profiles from Xrite Color Checker Software

  4. Includes White Balance Adjustments

  5. 6. Importing images and applying Development Settings during Import.

  6. 7.The Lightroom Interface.  (emphasis on the Library Module)

  7. 8.Library Module:  View Options

  8. 9.Library Module:  Organizing Image using Stacks

  9. 10.Library Module:  Organizing Images using Flags & Color Labels

  10. 11.Library Module:  Organizing images using Reject as a way to delete images.

  11. 12.Library Module:  Organizing images using Filters

  12. 13. Develop Module:  Overview of features & Basic Camera RAW workflow.

  13. 14. Develop Module In Depth:  Basic Camera RAW workflow.  This includes global image adjustments, optimizations, and corrections.

  14. 15. Develop Module In Depth:  The Detail Menu.  This is where sharpening and noise reduction is located.

  15. 16. Develop Module In Depth:  Local image adjustments and corrections.

  16. 17. Develop Module In Depth:  Image Retouching.

  17. 18. Copying development settings from one image to multiple images:   SYNC settings.

  18. 19. Creating and using Virtual Copies.

13. Going from Lightroom to Photoshop CS5.5

  1. 14.Library Module:  Creating a Collection.

  2. 15.Print Module:  Creating Contact Sheets

  3. 16.Print Module:  Creating a Preset Template for Contact Sheets

  4. 17.Print Module:  Print a Contact Sheet as a PDF document.

Tutorial Videos (videos are in .mov format for quicktime)                                                   

Lightroom 3 Tutorials by Micajah Truitt