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Photography Degrees & Certificate

Printable HandoutDegrees_Old_files/SWC_Photography_Program_2010.pdf

SWC Photo & Digital 

Old Associates and Certificate.  These degrees are only available to students who were photography majors during Spring 2011 or earlier.

Associates of Art in Photography

Transfer Preparation * (Major Code: 01380)

Designed to give students a sound background in technical skills and theory while increasing their visual awareness and conceptual abilities.

Two groups within this program of studies, traditional photography and digital imaging, provide the student with basic aesthetic principles and technical skills needed for entry into the field of professional photography. Students are encouraged to develop critical and aesthetic judgment while achieving technical experience.

ART 101Design I (3)

ART 121Darkroom and Digital Photography I (3)

ART 126Beginning Color Photography (3)

ART 156History of Photography (3)

ART 192Introduction to Digital Imaging (3)

Choose group 1 or group 2 to complete degree program.

Group 1: Traditional Photography (9)

ART 122 Darkroom and Digital Photography II (3)

ART 123 Darkroom and Digital Photography III (3)

ART 127 Advanced Color Photography (3)

Group 2: Digital Photography (7)

ART 137 Web Site Development for Artists and Graphic Designers (4)

ART 138 Digital Imaging for Photographers and Production Artists (3)

Total units:  22–24

Recommended Electives: For Group 1: ART 116, 118, 119, 120, 130, 151, 159, 199A; HUM 112.

For Group 2: ART 117, 120, 127, 130, 151, 157, 159; HUM 112.

To earn an associate degree, additional general education and graduation requirements must be completed.

Professional Photography Certificate of Achievement

Career/Technical (Major Code: 01381)

Prepares individuals to use artistic techniques to effectively communicate ideas and information to business and consumer audiences, and to record events and people, via digital, film, and still photography. Includes instruction in specialized camera and equipment operation, applications to commercial and industrial needs and business operations.

BUS 149 Entrepreneurship Operating and Managing a Small Business (3)

ART 121 Darkroom and Digital Photography I3

ART 122 Darkroom and Digital Photography II3

ART 138 Digital Imaging for Photographers and Production Artists3

ART 197 Portfolio Development for Visual Artists3

ART 192 Introduction to Digital Imaging3

ART 199A Portrait Photography I3

Total units:  21

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