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Camera Copy Stand Settings

Digital camera-ISO 400: 1/125 second at f/13

Film camera-ISO 100: 1/125 second at f/6.3

Wait to shoot each picture until after the orange ready lights on the strobe lights glow again.

When finished, turn off all the lights and push the grey test button on one of the flashes to discharge them. The orange ready light should not come on again if the strobe lights are off. Turn off camera also.

Copy Stand Procedures For Plugging In The Digital Camera

1.Make sure the digital Fuji camera is screwed onto the copy stand. 

2.For images smaller than 8”x10”, use the 60 mm Nikkor Micro lens.

3.Connect the sync. cord to the hot-shoe adapter on the camera and to one of the strobe lights.

4.Turn on the modeling lights with the switch on the copy stand front.

5.Turn on the strobe lights with the black switch on each of the strobe lights.

6.Turn on the digital camera.

7.Look at the back controls.  Push the FUNC key.  Make sure you have these settings:

Auto WB (white balance)

ISO 400

Image Size = N

Resolution – 3040

8.When ejecting and inserting a memory card on the digital camera, make sure the camera is turned off before doing so.

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