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SWC Photo & Digital 

Finding Cheaper Digital SLR Cameras

Canon Loyalty Program

Student must have old canon camera for trade-in.  This program was designed to replace non-functioning Canon cameras.  You may want to contact them if you are trying to replace a working camera.  They will accept film and digital cameras.  They will accept a variety of canon digital cameras.

- Call 1-800-OK-CANON

- As of 7/22/2011 here were some of the possible refurbished camera deals you could get through this program:

    Rebel XS, w/ 18-55 319.99 (Great for photo classes!)

    Rebel T1i, HD video, w/ 18-55, 479.99

    Rebel T2i, HD video, w/ 18-55, mic capable, 511.99

Refurbished Nikon Cameras at Adorama.com

Adorama.com frequently has older model refurbished digital SLR cameras. 


Buys & Sells used photography gear.  Many pro photographers frequently update their equipment and then sell the older stuff on websites such as this.  They have a great system for talking about the condition of the gear.