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Composition & Design

Design Principles     Balance

Balance:   A distribution of one or more elements, which visually equal each other.  These may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. In 2D art, this is also defined as the equal distribution of "visual weight" across the picture plane.  In 3D art, this is known as the physical and visual equilibrium.

  1. Symmetrical Balance

    Equal weight

  1. Asymmetrical Balance

    Forms are disposed unevenly.

  1. Radial Balance

    Elements point outward from a central hub… such as the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

Mary Ellen Mark, Bullriders

W. Eugene Smith

Karl Blossfelt

strong compositions=Use of Frame, Vantage Point/ Perspective, Design Principles, Visual Elements

Symmetrical Balance

Asymmetrical Balance

Radial Balance