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Hello and welcome to the Southwestern College new and returning student online orientation.  This 30 to 45 minute orientation will cover some very important topics all students need to know in order to be successful in college. It is your responsibility to pay attention, and focus your energies on understanding the information and resources available to you at Southwestern College.

A majority of this orientation will require you to have your results from your assessment testing first, so it is a good idea to get this taken care of before trying to complete the orientation.  Your performance on these assessment tests will determine your starting point here in school, and should be taken with your best effort in mind.

You are welcome to return and revisit this orientation as many times as necessary to get your questions answered, in fact, you will need to answer specific questions correctly before moving on to the next section. Have a great time in school, and enjoy the orientation.
We have made our best efforts to make this interesting and exciting to watch but we have come to the conclusion that it will not be easy unless you are willing to give us your full attention.”

Welcome again and have a great time at Southwestern College

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