Enable Student Banner

Use this form to request a student to be re-enabled in your course after they were dropped in Web Advisor by mistake.
This is NOT a web advisor process and has no effect on student status in Web Advisor
As an instructor, it is your responsibility to contact admissions and reinstate your student back into your class PRIOR to completing this
Web Request form.

It may take up to three (3) days to re-enable your student into your class

All information is mandatory

Student Information

Student First Name:
Ex: Ishmael
Student Last Name:
Ex: Raymond
Student ID number :
Ex: 0646756

Requestor and course Information

Faculty first name
ex: Michael
Faculty last name
ex: Morkaseller
Faculty E-mail Address
ex: bmaker@swccd.edu
COURSE ID where student needs to be enabled in
ex: 12FA_MUS_105_501

By checking here you verify this student is listed in Web Advisor as enrolled in your course. If he/she is not listed as enrolled in your course they will be disabled again within the next hour.
YES, this student is listed in Web advisor as enrolled in my course.


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