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President's Message

Governing Board President Tim Nader
Norma L. Hernandez
Governing Board President

May 2012

Friends of Southwestern College,

Southwestern College continues to move forward as a pacesetter. Through Governing Board meetings and workshops in April and May, and in presentations made at state conferences, the work we are doing to move academic and infrastructure issues forward is getting noticed. I recently presented a workshop for the Community College League of California on the role of administrative oversight and public participation in funded Proposition 39 bond measures. The state conference for college trustees was held in San Diego in April.

The Governing Board has taken important, decisive steps to proceed with Proposition R in a responsible, ethical way that safeguards taxpayer funds and meets student needs.

In April, the Governing Board voted unanimously to direct legal counsel to initiate litigation against BCA Architects, Inc., Seville Construction Services and Echo Pacific Construction to challenge the procurement of their contracts on the corner lot project for Proposition R. This month, the Governing Board unanimously rejected legal claims by the three firms against the college.

Such actions are not preventing a robust summer construction program from proceeding, however. Already construction crews are busy widening the Elmhurst and Gotham entries onto campus and we’ll be opening bids to commence work on the Field House and Central Plant. All together we’ll be moving forward on more than $90 million in planning and construction. 

In special board workshops, the Governing Board has also immersed itself in learning more about the various methods of construction delivery as well as the legal and practical overview of local jobs construction initiatives.


Norma L. Hernandez, Governing Board President