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Jeff Nevin Curriculum Vitae

Jeffrey W. Nevin

3757 Sweetwater Rd.

Bonita, CA 91902

(619) 267-3023

March 25, 2008



University of California at San Diego, Ph.D. in Music Composition. 1998

The Pierre Monteux School for Conductors and Orchestra Musicians.  1994

Arizona State University, Master of Music Theory/Composition.  1992

University of Illinois, Bachelor of Music Theory/Composition.  1990

Salpointe Catholic High School, Tucson, AZ.  1986


Primary Teaching Experience

Professor, Southwestern College: “Mariachi Ensembles”, “Introduction to Music”, “Introduction to the Music of Mexico”, “Development of Mariachi: Style and Culture”, “Applied Music”, “Brass Class”.  1998–present

Teaching Assistant, University of California at San Diego. 1993-97

                -TA, computer lab assistant, “Fundamentals of Music Theory”.  1995-97

                -TA, “Folk Music”.  1994-95

                -TA, “Popular Music”.  1993-94

Substitute Band and Choir Teacher, Glendale Union School District (High School). 1993

Teaching Assistant, Arizona State University. 1990-92

                - T.A., ear training instructor “Music Theory: Twentieth Century”. Spring 1992

                - Instructor, “Fundamentals in Music Notation for Non-Majors”. Fall 1991

                - T.A., ear training instructor “Music Theory: Eighteenth Century”. Spring 1991

                - T.A., ear training instructor for “Basic Music Theory”. Fall 1990


Misc. Teaching/Lecture Experience

Lecture/Clinics at national/state music conferences, topic “Music and Musicianship”—approximately 4-6 per year (Texas, California, Utah, etc.).  2004-present

Lecture, Encuentro de Mariachi y la Charrería in Guadalajara, Mexico, topic: Mariachi Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 2004

Lecture, International Trumpet Guild Convention, topic: Mariachi Trumpets Techniques, a Classical Approach. 2004

Organizer, National Mariachi Education Association’s Sweetwater Mariachi Institute. 2004

Guest Lecturer/Clinician, various mariachi conferences in California and Texas. 2002-04

Academic Coordinator, head instructor for the Mariachi Scholarship Foundation’s Annual “Mariachi in the Schools Conference”. 1998–2002

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus outreach concerts, lecture/performances. 1999-2001

Judge/clinician at elementary and high school solo & ensemble festivals in Poway and San Diego, CA.  1995-2000

San Diego Symphony outreach concerts, lecture/performances.  1999

Guest Lecturer, Mira Costa College, UCSD, USD, many high schools, topic: Development of Mariachi.  1997–99

Guest Lecturer, UCSD “Popular Music”, topic: Reggae.  1993

High School Mariachi Instructor, Phoenix, AZ.  1992

Private tutoring in Music Theory and Form & Analysis. 1991

Brass Ensemble coaching, Sunnyslope High School. 1990


Performance Experience (trumpet)

Founder/arranger/leader/performer, Mariachi Champaña Nevín: Performed with Placido Domingo, as soloists with San Diego Symphony, Aguascalientes Symphony, Colorado Symphony, etc. (list of major performances and dates available by request). 1998–present

San Diego Symphony (frequent substitute).  Performed with Charlotte Church, Garison Keilor (featured solo), The Moody Blues, Kenny Loggins,, Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán.1999-present

San Diego Opera (frequent substitute) 2002-present

Orquesta de Baja California (principal).  1999-2002

La Jolla Symphony (principal). 1993-2007

San Diego Chamber Orchestra (substitute). 2000-2004

Numerous performances with many Mariachi bands (Mexican Folk Music) 1986-present

Soloist, San Diego Youth Symphony Wind Ensemble in performance of the Hummel Trumpet Concerto and Rafael Mendez’s arrangement of Czardas.  1999



Performance Experience (cont.)

SONOR.  1997, 1999-2002

Contemporary music ensembles, University of California at San Diego.  1993-02

Arizona State University New Music Ensembles. 1990-93

Southwest Brass Quintet substitute (professional Phoenix-based ensemble). 1992

La Companía Musical (Mexican pop quintet). 1991

Arizona State University Brass Ensemble. 1991

Arizona State University Symphony. 1990

Phoenix Symphony Orchestra Substitute. 1990

Doc Severinsen and the Phoenix Pops Orchestra. 1990

University of Illinois Symphony (principal), Symphonic Band I, Symphonic Band II (principal), Opera Orchestra (principal), Illini Symphony (principal), Wind Ensemble (principal), British Brass Band (solo cornet and soprano cornet), Contemporary Improvisation Ensemble, New Music Ensembles. 1986-1990

Founder/arranger/leader/performer, Barclay Brass Quintet. 1986-90

Bontuku (African “High Life” band). 1987

Principal, Philharmonia Orchestra of Tucson. 1984-86

Conducted by: Charles Bruck, Jahja Ling, Harvey Sollberger, Jung-Ho Pak, Arthur Weisberg, Henry Charles Smith, James Sederes, Doc Severinsen, Andres Korodi, Paul Vermel, James Keene, John Paynter, Tom Nee.



Commission for Bonita Vista High School, funded by the Chula Vista Council for the Arts. 2002

Commission for North County Children’s Choir.  2002

Commission for Bonita Vista High School, funded by the Chula Vista Council for the Arts. 2001

Received joint commission from the Mariachi Heritage Society and the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus Association to collaborate with José Hernández in the composition of the world’s first Concerto for Mariachi and Orchestra for the internationally renown Mariachi Sol de Mexico.  1997

Commission for UCSD Carillon.  1997

Received ASCAP Standard Award.  1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Composition Perspectives, Concerto for Wind Orchestra commissioned by Poway High School Wind Symphony.  1995

Received ASCAP Grant to Young Composers for composition “..., I wipe away the tears.” 1994

Finalist in The Norwalk Symphony’s “Quinto Maganini Award in Composition” for Maturation.  1994

Composition Maturation given public reading by the American Composers Orchestra, conducted by Dennis Russell Davies.  1993

Received ASCAP Raymond Hubbell Grant. 1992

Received funding from The Institute For Studies in the Arts at Arizona State University to develop Interactive Computer-Performer Improvisational Environment. 1991

Outstanding Graduate Student in Music History, Theory, Composition at Arizona State University. 1990-91

Outstanding Student of Composition at the University of Illinois.  1988-89, and 1989-90

Compositions chosen to represent the University of Illinois at the Midwest Composers’ Symposium. 1988, and 1989

University of Illinois Dean’s List (five times)

Awarded the “Copper Letter” and named an “Outstanding Citizen of Tucson” for work with Mariachi Los Changuitos Feos. 1986



Director of Youth Music Programs, Sinfonía Mexicana. 2008

Board Member, Artistic Director, Mariachi Scholarship Foundation.  1998-present

Author “Mariachi Mastery” published by Neil A. Kjos Music Company. 2006

Acting President, National Mariachi Education Association. 2004-2005

Implemented world’s first degree in mariachi music at Southwesern College.  2004

Owner, JND Studios (recording studio), Bonita, CA.  2000-present

Mariachi curriculum consultant.  1997–present

Released CD “Classic-Mariachi-LIVE!” Mariachi Champaña Nevín and San Diego Symphony. 2004

Member of artistic advisory board, Central Cultural de la Raza.  2001-2003

Recordings featured on DMX satellite radio throughout North and South America and Europe. 2001-present

Author, Virtuoso Mariachi, published by University Press of America.  2002

Mariachi arrangements “Las Mañanitas” and “Canta, Canta” published by Hal Leonard Corporation.  2002

Board Member, Outreach Program Manager, member of the Conductor’s Committee of the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus Association.  1996-2001

Producer, arranger, performer with Mariachi Champaña Nevín on Florencia Tinoco Barone compact disc “Romances Mundiales”, recorded at JND Studios.  2000

Musical Director, La Jolla Playhouse production of Lorca’s “Blood Wedding”. 2000

Musical Director, performer world premier of “Mariachi Quijote”.  1999-2000

Composer-in-residence, Vantage Theater.  1998-99

Participated in a panel/discussion “succeeding in the job market” for graduate composition students at UCSD. 1999

Produced, arranged music for, performed on Mariachi Champaña Nevín CD “La Forza del Destino”. 1998

Performed trumpet on Florencia Tinoco Barone compact disc “Un Viejo Amor”. 1998

Performed trumpet with Mariachi Champaña Nevín on Yvette Osegerra CD “Un Canto a Mi Padre”. 1998

Producer and Arranger, Califormula Music.  1997

Performed trumpet on and assisted in several arrangements for Gildardo Alvarez’s CD “Te Reto A Que Me Olvides” which hit the “top 10” in Mexico, BMG Music.  1996

Composed, recorded, edited and produced cassette recording Your First Lullabies with wife, Deborah.  1995

Participant 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Arcosanti Young Composers’ Seminar.  1993-95

Studied conducting with Charles Bruck at The Pierre Monteux School for Conductors and Orchestra Musicians.  1994

Prepared/notated all musical examples in Modest Musorgsky & Boris Godunov, Myths, Realities, Reconsiderations by Emerson & Oldani (Cambridge University Press).  1994

Mexican folk song arrangement “Popurrí Mexicano” recorded by the Southwest Brass Quintet on their album “Olé.”  1993

Compositions Luckless and Ocean Prayer published by Tromba Publications. 1992


Compositions performed by

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán.  Numerous performances, 2006-present

Jalisco Symphony. 2006, 2007

American Philharmonic Sonoma County. 2007

East Texas Symphony Orchestra. 2007

Aguascalientes Symphony. 2006

Colorado Symphony. 2006

San Diego Symphony. 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004

San Bernardino Symphony. 2004

La Jolla Symphony.  1998, 2003

North Coast Singers. 2003

Sol de México Symphony Orchestra.  1998

Mariachi Sol de México.  1998

Peninsula Symphony.  1997

New Music Ensembles, University of California at San Diego.  1993-97

California EAR Unit.  1995

Poway High School Wind Symphony.  1995

Pierre Monteux School Orchestra.  1994-95

New Music Ensembles at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd annual Arcosanti Young Composers’ Seminar. 1993-95

New Music Ensembles, Arizona State University. 1991-92

Ray Sasaki, Professor of Trumpet, University of Illinois. 1989 & 90

Morgan Powell, Professor of Composition/Trombonist, University of  Illinois. 1990

University of Illinois Contemporary Improvisation Ensemble. 1990

Barclay Brass Quintet. 1986-90

University of Illinois Wind Ensemble. 1989


Professional Organizations



Principal Teachers


Chinary Ung, Arizona State University, University of California at San Diego.

Roger Reynolds, Brian Ferneyhough, University of California at San Diego.

Morgan Powell, Paul Zonn, Herbert Brün, University of Illinois.


Edwin Harkins, University of California at San Diego.

David Hickman, Arizona State University.

Ray Sasaki, University of Illinois.

Additional Work

Designed, implemented and now offering the world’s first college degree in mariachi music (AA in Music: Mariachi Specialization) at Southwestern College.

Compled a series of method books for mariachi music that will allow music teachers everywhere to easily implement mariachi music into their curricula.

Writing Virtuoso Mariachi (University Press of America, 2002), which contains 1) an in-depth study of mariachi style, 2) its unique performance practices, 3) the roots of these in Mexican culture and the history of the mariachi ensemble, 4) the relationship of mariachi music and the mind-set of mariachi musicians to classical music and musicians, 5) an overview of the many diverse song styles commonly performed by mariachis, and 6) a critical discussion of current trends in the mariachi community.

Exploring the plausibility of using music as the stimulus for a psychological test—in other words, designing an Auditory Projective Test patterned after Rorschach’s famous “Ink Blot Test” in an attempt to determine if the manner in which an individual responds to music can reveal anything of that individual’s psychological makeup.  Ten pieces have been composed, recorded, played for individuals in controlled situations, their “responses” have been recorded, and these have been analyzed to determine their potential insights into the psychological make-ups of the individual respondents.

Preparing a critique of several published works which have sought to model various aspects of musical behavior using simulated neural networks, and including proposals for improvements based on a musician’s perspective of music cognition and perception as opposed to a [general] cognitive scientist’s perspective.




Chinary Ung, Prof. of Music Composition                     

University of California at San Diego                                              

9500 Gilman Drive,                                                                              

La Jolla, CA 92093-0326                                                     

(619) 532-0269                                                                      


Robert Griego, President

Mariachi Scholarship Foundation

PO Box 1165

Bonita, CA 91908-1165

(619) 585-4405


Dr. Norma Hernandez, President and Superintendent

Southwestern College

900 Otay Lakes Rd.

Chula Vista, CA 91910

(619) 482-6301


List of Compositions

Las voces de Fuentes (2006)                         Mariachi + Orchestra

            (A fantasy for mariachi and orchestra based on the music of Ruben Fuentes)

Al aire libre (2006)                                           Soprano, trumpet, 3 mariachi gtrs, orchestra

La Fuerza del Mariachi (2003)                       Orchestra

Sacred Words (2002)                                      Children’s Choir

¡Que Bonita Vista! (2001)                               Concert Band (optional mariachi)

Una Flama Mojada (1999)                              Mariachi

Concerto for Mariachi and Orchestra          Mariachi and Orchestra

            (with José Hernández) (1997)

The cradle will rock (1996)†                           String Orchestra

Spider (1996)†                                                  String Orchestra

Gently Drifting (1996)†                                   String Orchestra

It followed her to school one day (1996)†   String Orchestra

Oh, my darling! (1996)†                                  Chamber Orchestra

Falling Down (1996)†                                      Chamber Orchestra

Rosy Rings (1996)†                                         Woodwind Sextet

P.P.P.P... (1996)†                                              Brass Septet

Le pays des larmes (1995)                              Duo for Flute and Percussion

Are You Sleeping? (1995)†                            Chamber Orchestra

Perspectives, Concerto for

            Wind Orchestra (1995)                       Wind Orchestra

Your First Lullabies (1995)‡                           Voice and Various Instruments

Starry Night (1994)†                                        Chamber Orchestra

..., I wipe away the tears. (1993)                    Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon

Four Score (1993)                                            Trombone Quartet

Fanfare for Rush (1993)                                  Trumpet Quartet

Introspection (1992)                                        Improvisation program written in the MAX        programming language

Maturation (1992)                                            Full Orchestra

Chin’s Flute (1991)                                          Solo Flute

Medicine (1990)                                               Five-part A Cappella Choir

Subsequent Relations (1989)                         Trumpet and Percussion

Food Fugue (1989)                                          Three Performers (eating)

Influence (1989)                                               Contemporary Improvisation Ensemble

Luckless (1988)*                                             Trumpet, Trombone, Piano

Ocean Prayer (1988)*                                      Solo Trumpet

Mourning After (1988)                                    Solo Flute

Colorful Rhythm (1988)                                   Wind Ensemble

Airport Beach (1988)                                       Brass Quintet

La Fiesta (1987)                                                16 piece, ad hoc ensemble

YFR-105 (1987)                                                 Trumpet and Piano

Una Tormenta en Tucson (1986)                   Mariachi






†Comprise a suite for chamber orchestra suitable for “young person’s concerts” entitled Nursery Suite

‡Produced by JND Productions

*Published by Tromba Publications, Denver, CO