Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Catalog Description of Mariachi Degrees

Music—Associate of Arts Degree

Provides programs for students who wish to become professional musicians, prepare for a career in public school teaching, broaden their general knowledge of music, develop performance skills, or pursue an advanced degree in music.  Includes theory, keyboarding, and sight reading skills.  Transfer students must pass proficiency exams in these areas.


Music—Mariachi Specialization


Associate of Arts Degree

Provides students the unique musical training and study necessary to pursue aforementioned musical careers though specifically within the mariachi tradition.  Each mariachi major must declare and take courses on their primary instrument (guitar, vihuela, guitarrón, harp, violin, trumpet, flute, voice), as well as taking courses on secondary instruments. Includes theory, keyboarding, and sight reading skills. 


Certificate of Achievement in Mariachi is a designed to 1) provide elementary through college music teachers with a basic understanding of and certification in mariachi music, thus certifying their capability to teach mariachi music at these levels; and 2) provide musicians with the basic foundation of mariachi performance skills, music theory, music literacy, mariachi history and repertoire necessary to pursue employment as a professional mariachi musician.


Catalog Details including required courses needed for the Mariachi Major

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