Thursday, April 17, 2014



Music - General

Southwestern College offers an Associates Degree with a music major, and also prepares students who want to transfer to a college or university as a traditional music major. Although these two tracks have similar requirements, it is best to meet with a music faculty or a counselor to make sure you are taking the courses you need to reach your goals.

As a traditional music major, you will take the music theory and ear-training sequence (four semesters), piano and voice classes, as well as music history and performance ensembles, such as orchestra, jazz, and choral groups. If you plan to transfer to a four-year program, you will also need to take Applied Music (MUS 125) which requires you to study on your main instrument or voice with a qualified instructor. Typically, as part of the transfer process, you will have to audition on your voice or instrument as well as take music theory and sightsinging placement exams. Our music faculty will help you prepare for that event!

For details on what courses you should take as a music major, consult our Course Catalog.

Student playing flute