Thursday, April 24, 2014


Performing Groups

Southwestern College offers many different performing experiences for vocalists and instrumentalists. In fall 2008, orchestra will be added to our extensive list of ensembles. Although a few groups are by audition only, most of them welcome students of all levels. Below is a list of our current offerings. Check the links to the left to find out more information.

MUS 124 Introduction to Mariachi Performance
MUS 136 Jazz Vocal Ensemble
MUS 157 Mariachi Garibaldi
MUS 166-169 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 170-173 Small Performing Groups:
     Section 01 Jazz Improvisation
     Section 05 Samba/Bossanova Ensemble
     Section 07 String Orchestra
     Section 60 Guitar Ensemble
     Section 64 Afro-Cuban Ensemble
MUS 180-183 Chamber Singers
MUS 185-188 Concert Choir
MUS 189-192 Music and Rhythms of Africa (Hand Drumming)