Religion & Politics Affecting Science

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American Denial of Global Warming from UCSDTV investigates the opposition to warnings from climate scientists.
Galileo Statue for Vatican Garden
God on the Brain A brief description of a experiment related to the theory that religious experiences involve an epilepsy-like siezure in the temporal lobes.
Bush Administration Gag Rules
Kitzmiller v Dover summary
Kitzmiller v Dover complete
State of the Planet from Science Magazine. 208 page book covering the current scientific knowledge on the most pressing environmental challenges. For some topics the public is told: "the science is in dispute" and yet there is an overwhelming consensus among scientists. Includes definitions and key terms so that it is accessible to students.
Science as a Smoke Screen is an essay suggesting that the plea for "sound science" is mearly an empty phrase used by those who want to resist regulation under the Endangered Species Act.