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Prof Veal Website
Electromagnetism, Waves and Oscillations Applets
Mechanical Universe Movies
Versitile Units Converter
ComPadre Physics Network
Net Advance of Physics is a comprehensive physics site.
Physics of Fluids Photo Gallery Liquid artistry on display at this gallery from the journal Physics of Fluids. Showcased here are winning entries from the American Physical Society's annual exhibition of videos and photos.
Physics Animations Physics animations of such topics as kinematics, traveling waves, projectile dynamics, the time-dilation effect predicted by Einstein's special theory of relativity. Also included is the double-slit experiment illustrating the wave-particle nature of electrons.
Laws List Unlike Rome at rush hour, the universe is a lawful place. Rules govern everything from the relation between a gas's pressure and volume to the speed at which galaxies recede from Earth. Catch up on physics jurisprudence with The Laws List from Erik Max Francis, a programmer in San Jose, California. For example, Lambert's first law relates the amount of illumination falling on a surface to its distance from the light source. The site also serves as a physics glossary, offering brief explanations of terms and ideas.
Phys 110 General Physics I
Phys 120 General Physics II
Phys 170 College Physics I
Phys 171 College Physics Laboratory I
Phys 172 College Physics II
Phys 173 College Physics Laboratory II
Phys 174 College Physics III
Phys 175 College Physics Laboratory III
Phys 270 Principles of Physics I
Phys 271 Principles of Physics Laboratory I
Phys 272 Principles of Physics II
Phys 272L Principles of Physics Laboratory II
Phys 274 Principles of Physics III
Phys 274L Principles of Physics Laboratory II
  MESA tutoring hours for Phys 270 and Phys 272