Multiple-Choice Exam References

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Guidelines from BYU This 35 page pamphlet from the Brigham Young University Testing Service discusses how to improve the quality of multiple-choice exam questions. It addresses how to construct questions to measure specific objectives.
Multiple-Choice Do's and Don'ts This is a list of recommendations for writing multiple-choice items from the journal Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation.
Taxonomy of Multiple-Choice Advice This is a taxonomy of 43 multiple-choice item-writing rules that was developed on the basis of a survey of the educational measurement literature.
Validity of Multiple-Choice Rules This article by Haladyna and Downing is an investigation of 96 theoretical studies to determine support for 43 multiple-choice writing rules. For some of these rules there are recommended modifications. For nearly one half the rules, no supporting research was found.
Multiple-Choice Bibliography Research and readings for multiple-choice item-writing rules.