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M100 Math for General Ed M241 Mathematical Software
M101 College Algebra M244 Precalculus with Trigonometry
M104 Trigonometry M250 Calculus I
M110-112 Math for Elementary Ed M251 Calculus II
M118 Finite Mathematics M252 Calculus III
M119 Statistics M253 Differential Equations
M120 Business Calculus M254 Linear Algebra
M121-122 Applied Calculus M260 Discrete Mathematics
M130 Computer Programming I   Topics to Cover
M140 Computer Programming II   Course Coordinators
  Flatland   Syllabi
  Classroom voting techniques in mathematics   Textbook Information
E Perelman and Poincare's Conjecture   Math Department Policies and Procedures
E Euclid's Elements   Calculator Movies
  Chaos Hypertextbook   TI-83+ Reference Manual
  Mathematical Mistakes   TI-84+ Reference Manual
  Greek Alphabet   TI-Calculator Reference
      websites: Gracey, Staley
  Cardan's Method for Cubic   Coordinate plane for Word
  Number line for Word   Online Assignment Recommendations
  American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges    
      Department Chair-- Richard Fielding x5870