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Homework assignments (word) Homework assignments (word)  
Pre-test (word) Math 111 Glossary--Geometry Words  
Bases worksheet 1 (word) Geometry Glossary  
Bases worksheet 2 add-sub (word) Scale factor example (word)  
Bases worksheet 3 (word) Circle and map warmup (word)  
Number Sense worksheet (word) Units conversion warmup (word)  
Fractions worksheet (word) Ratios and comparisons (word)  
Fraction Word Problems (word) Ratio word problem (word)  
Practice Final Exam (word) 3D scale factor warmup (word)  
Course outline Course outline Course outline
  Course Coordinator-- Nghiep Quan x5956  
Math Education a University View is a critique of the NCTM standards from a University of Washington science prof. This movie accredits decline in students math performance to the introduction of the NCTM standards. The presentation is very convincing.
Math Education : An Inconvenient Truth. This movie describes and critiques reform techniques in elementary math education for teaching simple arithmetic algorithms.