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  Subduction (movie)
  Pangea (movie)
  Seafloor Spreading (movie)
  Geology movies
  This Dynamic Planet
E Volcano Photo Glossary
  Volcano World
E Earthquake Monitoring
  Geologic Time
E Plate Tectonic Reconstruction
E Continental Drift animation
E Devonian period
  Geol 100: Phil Farquharson's Geology 100
  Geol 101: Phil Farquharson's Geology 101
  Phil Farquharson's Geology Website
  Geology Club
  Phil Farquharson's Teaching Site
E Farquharson's Geolinks
E Faultline
E 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
  Lake Voui turns red
  Earth Science Acronyms, Glossaries and Gazetteers
  Program Coordinator-- Ken Yanow x5720