Course Material Format Suggestions

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If you would like to have your course materials easily available in the classroom at the lectern, for your students at home, and for your colleagues--send them to me and I'll put them online for you.

Here are some suggestions:
General--identify which page(s) of MSETR to put your material on (or which class it belongs on).  Email reasonably small attachments (<4MB).  Leave large files on CD, zip, dvd, or thumb drive in my box in 345 (no floppies).  If the material is already online somewhere send me the URL. The best way to get the URL is to right click on a working link, choose properties, then copy and past the URL from the properties dialogue box (demonstration).  I recommend Adobe Acrobat for making pdf documents.
PowerPoint presentations--under the file menu use the "save as HTML" or "save as webpage".  This should produce an html file and a folder.  Send them both to me with desired location (which page of MSETR).  If you want to keep the original on the site also send that too. An alternative approach is to use Adobe Acrobat to make the PowerPoint presentation into a pdf file.

Hand written material--scan the document to pdf.  For a black and white document with hand written pencil use the following settings--color mode=black and white; half tone setting ~ 167 (adjust depending on the hardness of the pencil lead you use); resolution = 150 (compare resolutions); compatibility = adobe acrobat 4.0 (5.0 for password protected pdf) (demonstration).  Office Support Services can scan the documents and email them to me.

Copyright--if your document is OK to use in the classroom but not OK for general distribution (typical of journal material) then the document should be sent as PDF (version 5.0 or higher) with a note telling me to password protect the file. Sending links into copyrighted journal websites such as Nature generally does not work--your audience may be redirected to a page requiring a subscription to the journal. Demonstration of password protecting a PDF file.

Word and Excel documents--if the material is static, print the file to PDF. If you have problems with that just send me the originals and I will do it. DO NOT use the save as HTML option. If the material is dynamic we can put the original online. The problem with putting MS Office documents online is that it is easy to add malicious code to them. As a result many users will not download them. You may even unintentionally be sending MSETR a virus infected file. Demonstration of password protecting from a Word document original.

Audio files--MP3 is the appropriate format to send.

Movies--Flash or QuickTime are appropriate formats.

Photos--use jpg format. If you have more than just a few then resize them to max 800 wide by max 580 high.

MSETR Direct Deposit is a facility that allows individual teachers to easily put material on MSETR without the intervention of the website manager. MSETR Direct Deposit is under beta testing now and should be available in October 2006.