Chemistry Resources

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Periodic Tables and References
CSUN Resources Page
UMEA Resources Page
Prof Khuong Website
Chemicool Periodic Table
Periodic Table Challenge
Versitile Units Converter
Electronic Chem Lab A virtual lab for beginning chemistry.
Balloon Molecules. Balloon models of complicated molecules can be a great way to communicate the geometry of a molecule. This site provides techniques, examples, and experience from some German chemists who utilize balloon models.
Laboratory Assesment Strategies is an article describing techniques that teach students how to effectively collect and present scientific information.
Program Coordinator-- Dave Brown x5664
Chem 100 Intro to General Chemistry
Chem 110 Elementary Organic and Biological Chemistry
Chem 150 Intro to Chemistry Technology
Chem 170 Prep for General Chemistry
Chem 180 Computational Methods in Chemistry
Chem 200 General Chemistry I
Chem 200 General Chemistry II
Chem 242 Organic Chemistry I
Chem 242 Organic Chemistry II
Chem 244 Organic Analysis and Spectroscopy
Chem 250 Analytical Chemistry
MESA tutoring hours for Chem 170 and Chem 200