Bioinformatics Workshop

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Long Version
E Course Proposal (word)
  Schedule of topics
  Prosite Tour (movie)
  Getting started (movie)
  Genome Mapview (movie)
  Protein Structure Prediction (movie)
  Ras Gene (movie)
E Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA)
  Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes
  Nucleotide Pairing
  Human Proteome Folding Project
  Protein Folding Movie
  Nematostella vectensis genome searching
E Minimotif Miner
E Genome Consortium for Active Teaching
E SNP for Seed Shattering in Rice
  Bioinformatics Resources Guide
  email workshop participants
  Introductory Bioinformatics Class
E Examining Natural Selections in Humans
  Mammoth DNA Analysis
  Bioinformatics on the internet
  How bioinformatics relates to SWC classes
  DNA coding primer
  Bioinformatics Website
  BLAST on NCBI notes
  Multiple Sequence Alignment at EBI notes
  Large Numbers and Evolution
  BLAST Sequence Analysis
  Bioinformatics for HIV
E Mouse Proteome Project
  Glossary (NCBI)
  Glossary (CUNY)
  Glossary (SSU)
  Bioinformatics Educational Resource at EBI, AKA Bioinformatics for Dummies
  Workshop Coordinator-- Lukas Buehler