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Table of Contents

  Memo from Dean Kathy Tyner (K. Tyner, 10/1/04) 1
Section 1: Basic Safety
  Basic Safety Recommendations (K. Tyner, 10/1/04) 2
Section 2: Crisis Intervention 
  Crisis Response Plan (M. McClellan, 1/5/01) 3
  Crisis Response Structure (M. McClellan, 9/22/00) 4
  Crisis Response Phone Numbers (M. McClellan, 9/12/00). 5
  SWC Crisis Intervention Task Force/Crisis Response Team
(M. McClellan)
Section 3: Disruptive Behavior 
  What is Disruptive Behavior? (M. McClellan) 7-8
  Recommendations re: Handling of Student Threats of Violence, Homicide or Suicide -- (M. Sinclair, 5/15/01) 9
Section 4: Electrical Disruption
  Rolling Blackout Campus Plan (G. Creason, 4/25/01) 10-11
  Rolling Blackout MSE Plan (K. Tyner, 10/1/04) 12-13
Section 5: Emergencies
  Emergency Phone Numbers (Revised 5/31/07) 14
  Message from Superintendent/President Dr. Serafín A. Zasueta 15
  SWC Emergency Response Manual - available in hardcopy only upon request from the MSE Office (G. Creason, 11/5/97)
(Contains instructions on how individuals should help themselves and others during an emergency.)
       Reporting Crimes in Progress 18
       Reporting Emergencies/Illness/Accidents 19

     Types of Emergencies


                Bomb Threat


                Crime in Progress/Civil Disturbance


                Crisis Counseling






                Explosion, Aircraft Crash




                Hazardous Materials Spills/Radiation Incident

                  Utility Failure 28
       Crisis Counseling 29
       First Aid Tips 30
       SWC Campus Map 31
       SWC Evacuation Areas 32
       Evacuation of Disabled Persons 33
  SWC Emergency Plan - available in hardcopy only upon request from the MSE Office (G. Creason, 10/99)
(Summarizes the roles and responsibilities of each person who has been assigned a duty in the Southwestern College Emergency Plan.)
  SWC Evacuation Areas (G. Creason, 9/23/03) 46
  MSE Evacuation Plan (K. Tyner, 5/31/07)
(School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering evacuation plan revised from 1994 version. In-house instructions to be used during a school's evacuation.)
  MSE Emergency Procedure for Instructors with Classes in Session (K. Tyner, 5/30/07) 52
Section 6: Laboratory Safety
  Chemistry Lab Safety Recommendations
(SWC Chemistry Dept., 10/4/04)
  Eye Safety Policy (California Education Code) 58
  Laboratory Safety MSDS Pocket Dictionary Enclosure
  Biology Safety Training and Orientation - Chula Vista Campus  
  Biology Safety Training - Bio 101 - National City  
  Biology Safety Training - Bio 190 - National City  
  Biology Lab Instructor Orientation - Otay Mesa  
  Chemistry Safety Training and Orientation - Chula Vista Campus  
  Chemistry Lab Instructor Orientation - Otay Mesa  
  Mathematics New Faculty Math Center Orientation - Chula Vista Campus  
  Physics Safety Resources Orientation - Chula Vista Campus  
Section 7: Training Documentation
  Individual Employee Safety Training Documentation 59
  MSE Safety Training Documentation 60


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