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Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP)

The LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes) daytime program will help you learn what you need to succeed in college classes. There are four levels. At levels 1, 2, and 3, you must take the A, B, and C classes at the same time (for a total of 10 units per semester). At level 4, you must take four classes at the same time: 59A, 59B, 159A, and 159B (for a total of 12 units). After level 4, you should be ready for college and English classes.

Level 1—ESL 29 A/B/C
Level 2—ESL 39 A/B/C
Level 3—ESL 49 A/B/C
Level 4—ESL 159 A/B/C and ESL59 A/B

The evening LEAP program also offers more flexible hours for evening students. If you can’t take 10 units at the same time, you can take evening classes. At levels 1, 2, and 3, you CAN take two 5-unit classes (D and E) at the same time (for a total of 10 units in one semester) OR you can take only one 5-unit class in one semester and then take 5 more units the following semester.
Level 1 – ESL 29 D and E
Level 2 – ES: 39 D and E
Level 3 – ESL 49 D and E

Click here to download a flyer about how to register for the LEAP program.

An assessment/placement test is recommended to take the LEAP classes. It is not possible for new students to enroll in levels 2, 3, or 4 without this test. You can make an appointment or go to the Cesar Chavez building to take the assessment/placement test in room S107 or call 482-6385 for more information.

Click here for assessment/placement test schedules.

Click here to go to the Assessment office website.

Spring 2013 registration begins November 28th.

This ESL program is offered on the Chula Vista campus and at the Higher Education Center at San Ysidro